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King Tut's parents were brother and sister.


King Charles VI of France believed he was made of glass.


The first webcam was deployed at Cambridge University computer lab. It was used to watch a pot of coffee.


Bad sleep can increase your risk of certain types of cancer.


Ashoka build lion stambh’s to spread Buddhism, these stambh’s are now called Ashok Stambh. Ashok Stambh of sarnath was adopted as national emblem of India.


Salvador Dali would wake himself up the moment he fell asleep to capture and paint surreal dream images.


When youwe dream, Our body is paralyzed


On an average Person Has between 1,460 and 2,190 Dreams A Year.


The first policewoman was Alice Stebbins Wells who joined the LAPD in 1910. Because she was the first (and only) policewoman, she designed her own police uniform. Four years later, Britain had their first woman policeman.


The grid layout used in many cities around the world is not a new invention – it first appeared in the city of Mohenjo Daro, in India, 4,500 years ago. The houses to the side of the streets had bare walls facing the street to keep out the sun and dust from carts.


Commercial fruit juice is pumped up with extra sugar and the pulp has been removed, which provides the essential fiber (a good counterbalance to all the natural sugar contained in the fruit)


To break coconut exactly into 2 equal halves - wet the coconut and draw an imaginary line around the mid riff of the coconut with your fingers and then try breaking it. You will be surprised to find the coconut in exact 2 halves. I follow this tip every time I break coconuts.


Turning off electronics helps kids sleep better


Every person has more than 75km of nerves in their body.


The brain itself cannot feel the pain. Sometimes brain surgery can be done while patients are awake.


India's God Krishna Was the King of Jerusalem!
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Mathura has around 400 temples dedicated to Nandgopal.


According to some scholars, Krishna was born on 19th July 3228 B.C.E.


There are more than 40,000 varieties of rice that grow across every continent except on Antarctica.


Rice has been feeding us for 5,000 years. The first known account was in China about 2,800 BC.

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