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India's God Krishna Was the King of Jerusalem!
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Mathura has around 400 temples dedicated to Nandgopal.


According to some scholars, Krishna was born on 19th July 3228 B.C.E.


There are more than 40,000 varieties of rice that grow across every continent except on Antarctica.


Rice has been feeding us for 5,000 years. The first known account was in China about 2,800 BC.


Being overweight or obese increases your risk of developing diabetes and other systemic conditions, which can lead to vision loss, such as diabetic eye disease or glaucoma. If you are having trouble maintaining a healthy weight, talk to your doctor.


In 1910, a Father's Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington, at the YMCA by Sonora Smart Dodd.


Just a phone call from mom can measurably reduce a child's stress.


Having kids will make mom smarter.


30 Pounds is the average weight gain during pregnancy.


First Mothers day May 10, 1908 was founded by Anna Jarvis; made a national holiday in 1914 by President Wilson


Preschooler requires mom's attention once every 4 minutes or 210 times / day


Seeds of money plant can be consumed. it tastes like peanuts and people roast the seeds and have it as a snack.


The fresh leaves of money plant can be consumed. The young leaves and flowers of money plant are cooked as vegetables and even used as ingredients.


Money plant is also has seeds. Although we have never spotted any seed in and around money plant, the plant produces seeds that grow inside the pods. The seeds eventually enlarge and burst thus falling on the ground.


Each branch of a money plant has 5 leaves which grow 12 inches long. They are bright green in colour and shiny too.


There is an ‘on-off’ switch in our brain that controls consciousness? Scientists have found that one point which can help coma patients regain consciousness.


It is believed that mirrors made of metal-backed glass this type of mirror was first produced in Lebanon in the first century AD and the Romans made crude mirrors from blown glass with lead backings.


One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles.


The tallest tree in the country is a Coast Redwood growing in northern California's Redwood National Park. It is 369 feet tall and over 2000 years old!

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