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A female horse is called a ‘filly’.


Horses generally dislike the smell of pigs


A horse’s teeth can be used to estimate its age


A horse is described as a ‘foal’ for its first year of life


A horse has approximately 205 bones


The left side of a horse is called the “near side” and the right side is the “off side”


No two horses are identical


A zedonk is the offspring of a zebra and a donkey


Horses began to evolve on the American continent over 60 million years ago, they later died out and were reintroduced by Spanish settlers


All horses (including zebras) belong to the genus equus


A horse’s heart weighs nine pounds


Horses sleep longer in the summer than in the winter


Horses lie down only about 43.5 minutes a day


Horses younger than 4 years can concentrate for a maximum of 10-15 minutes


A horse typically sleeps two and half to three hours a day


Arabian horses have one less rib, one less lumbar bone, and one or two fewer tail vertebrae than other horses.


In the state of Arizona, it is illegal for cowboys to walk through a hotel lobby wearing their spurs


There are about 75 million horses in the world.


Bright colors will win you friends


Each arch of charminar also has a clock, which was installed in 1889.

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