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To the extent that 12% of individuals just dream in dark and white.


You can have up to seven separate dreams for every night relying upon what number of REM cycles you have. We just dream throughout the REM time of slumber, and the normal individual dreams one to two hours consistently.


Visually impaired individuals who were not conceived visually impaired see pictures in their dreams however individuals who were conceived visually impaired don't see anything whatsoever. In any case they dream, and their dreams are almost as compelling and fascinating, yet they include alternate faculties alongside sight.


Numerous individuals assert that they don't dream whatsoever, yet that is not genuine: we all dream, however up to 60% of individuals don't recall their dreams whatsoever.


Our creature buddies dream too. Watch a puppy or a feline slumber and you can see that they are moving their paws and making clamors like they were pursuing something. Go get 'em Buddy!


Dreams are answerable for a hefty portion of the best developments of humankind. A couple of samples include:

The thought for Google -Larry Page

Alternating current generator -Tesla

DNA's twofold helix winding structure -James Watson

The sewing machine -Elias Howe

Periodic table -Dimitri Mendeleyev

… and a lot of people, a lot of people more.


The name "zero" determines from the Arabic word Sifr which additionally provided for us the English word "figure" signifying 'a mystery method for composing'.


The statement "hundrath" in Old Norse, from which our "hundred" determines, implied not 100 yet 120.


Science" is a re-arranged word of 'me asthmatic'.


Chocolates not only taste good, they are also good for skin. It makes the skin soft and supple and gives it the glow that dry skin lacks.


The oil lamps/deepa/diya lighted in front of the Lord Venkateswara idol are said to be light lit since thousands of years. It is also said that the temple pujaris never ever put off the lights and no one particularly knows when and who lit these lights.


It is said there is always moisture on the back of Lord Balaji idol even after cleaning it, the idols remains wet no matter how many times it may be cleaned and sound of ocean can be heard when you keep your ear on the swamy’s back


There is a secret village near the temple in Tirumala at a distance of approximately 23 kilometers, where no outsiders/other peoples are allowed except the residents of the village. The residents are said to be living with strict practices and tradition. It is said that from all the flowers, milk, ghee, butter that are offered to worship Lord Balaji comes from this village.


It is said that there is a real hair on the idol of Tirupati Lord venkateshwara and the hair never tangles and is silky smooth always.


At the right side of the Tirupati temple’s main door there is stick. It is said that stick was used by Ananthaalvar to hit Lord Vishnu in his childhood day. When Ananthalwar hit Lord Vishnu, he got hurt on his chin and blood dropped from it. Since then, practice and tradition of applying Sandalwood paste to chin of Lord Vishnu’s idol has started


It is said that, the temple was closed completely for twelve days During 1800’s, because King who ruled that time said to have punished twelve people by killing them and hanging them on the walls of the temple for doing the un-sacred thing at the temple.


Many believe that Ghosts have great sense of smell and are attracted to a good scent. So, if you wish to just chill out with a ghost, make sure you have lemons around you as they love the smell of lemons.


Ghosts like themselves to get noticed and grab people attention. So if you smell perfume or see smoke or fog, you need to know that you do have a company.


It is believed that Ghosts and spirits become more active during night time because of reduced or less electronic disturbances making them more powerful with their Ghostly specters.


If a candle flame burns blue or suddenly goes out with no apparent draft or breeze, it’s a sure sign that ghosts are present.

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